SFFMP 97: The Ins and Outs of Selling Science Fiction Erotica with Addison Cain

We spoke to science fiction erotica author Addison L. Cain about getting started in the business, some of the differences between romance and erotica, how to market it when many of the advertisers aren’t interested in the subject matter, and how to get off to a good start. Addison’s first novel, Born to Be Bound, was just released in April of 2016, and she’s already selling very well, with three books now out in the series.

**Note: a couple of naughty words came up in today’s discussion, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, or frank discussions of what’s allowed and what the tropes are in erotica, you may want to pass on this episode and tune back in next week for a more typical show. Thanks! 

Here are some more details on what we touched upon:

  • Getting started with fan fiction and publishing on free-to-read sites such as LitErotica.
  • How Addison turned the readers of her free material into an ARC team that went out and left reviews of her books when she launched.
  • What’s working with SF erotica covers (and what to avoid if you don’t want your book to be nixed by Amazon)
  • Whether there really is “big money” in writing erotica
  • What the “Adult Dungeon” is on Amazon and how to avoid having your work stuck in it
  • Some of the sponsorship sites that accept erotica: The Romance Reviews, Spanking Romance Reviews, What to Read After 50 Shades of Grey, Excite Spice, Bookbub, BargainBooksy, The Naughty List.
  • How science fiction and fantasy let you play and be creative within the erotica genre
  • The pros and cons of publishing with a small press
  • Pricing considerations for SF erotica and whether or not to go wide or choose KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited
  • Challenges of being a big fish in a small pond (SF or fantasy erotica) versus jumping into more the more mainstream stuff with a larger potential readership
  • Who the primary reader is for these books (male/female)
  • The need to stand up for yourself and make sure your books are getting the attention they deserve when you’re working with a press

You can find Addison on her website or check out her books on Amazon and other retailers.

Her publisher is Blushing Books and she believes they are open to submissions for those who don’t want to go it alone.


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