Interview with Lindsay Buroker!

Last Tuesday we hosted our first live event on YouTube!  Indie author Lindsay Buroker takes the spotlight as three other authors ask about everything from marketing to writer’s block!

Here’s the audio-only MP3 file.



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  • My face sure gets red when I’m the center of attention. Social anxiety, what? 😀

  • I liked the first podcast! Nice job all of you, and Lindsay–you shared plenty of helpful marketing tips for those of us who are getting ready to dip a toe into the self-publishing pool. I’m looking forward to the second one.

    • SFFpodcast

      Thank you for checking it out, Nooce. We’re planning to make it a weekly show. We lost our second episode (already experiencing Google Hangout woes), but hope to get everything smoothed out this Tuesday. 🙂

  • A time- and money-saving tip for you: You don’t have to ship the Goodreads giveaway copies yourself. I saw this mentioned a while back, maybe on KBoards, and I just tried it out today. You can go to CreateSpace and order one copy. On the last page, click “change shipping address” and put in the winner’s address. It’s kind of a bummer because you’re not sending a signed copy and can’t add a personal note, but right now I’m having a hard time getting all the things done and I just wanted the convenience, not to mention only paying for shipping once.

    I offered 5 copies (next time I think I’ll just do one) and the one that got sent to the UK only cost about $1 more than the ones sent to US addresses.

    Hey, and if you want a free copy of Scrapplings, just email me!!