SFFMP 52: Collaborating and Organizing Multi-Author Boxed Sets with J Thorn

Tonight we talked with horror and dark fantasy author J Thorn. He’s sold over 130,000 ebooks since coming on the scene a few years ago, and he’s collaborated with more authors than Lindsay can count without taking off her shoes. We asked him why he’s collaborating with so many folks, some of the challenges and pitfalls (and perks), and then we interrogated him on boxed sets, both bundles he’s done of his own series and multi-author boxed sets that he’s organized.

Here are a few more details on what we discussed:

  • Challenges of epic fantasy versus dark fantasy/horror
  • Networking online as an introvert
  • Forming collaboration teams (finding people whose strengths match your weaknesses and vice versa)
  • Handling finances when you’re collaborating or paying other authors for multi-author boxed sets
  • Some of the challenges of approaching higher selling authors and getting them to be involved in boxed sets or joint projects
  • Whether multi-author boxed sets are still effective, or if the market too saturated
  • Boxing up your own trilogies or series starters and making it look like an even better deal by adding some related short stories or novellas
  • The more options you have for marketing and promotion as your back catalogue grows (the more titles you have, the less emotionally attached you are to one)
  • Podcasting for promotional benefit — can it work? (J runs the Horror Writers Podcast and Dark Arts Theater)

If you want to check out some of J’s work, you can pick up his books at Amazon or check out the Quest boxed set that we’re all a part of.


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