SFFMP 113: Advice for Newer Authors from Successful Paranormal Romance Author Anna Lowe

Today we chatted with paranormal romance author Anna Lowe. She got her start in 2015, made $26,000 that first year, and then made more than $50,000 in 2016. We asked her about what it’s like for those starting new, and how she’s broken into a fairly competitive genre.

Here are a few more specifics:

  • Writing stories that can cross genres (Anna’s books can be filed under Romance > Western as well as paranormal romance) and perhaps appealing to more than once audience.
  • Focusing on shorter novels in genres that are accepting of them, so that you can publish more often, even if you’re not a super speedy writer.
  • Anna’s thoughts on jumping into a competitive genre as a newer author.
  • Tropes that people expect in PNR and whether it’s okay to turn some of them on their heads.
  • How she’s had good experiences with short stories, despite advice to ignore them in favor of writing novels.
  • Getting involved with Facebook author and fan groups as a way of finding people to network with and also potential ARC reviewers.
  • Putting together a solid ARC team and following up to make sure people are actually posting reviews.
  • Setting daily writing goals to keep the books coming out, even when you’re busy with a full-time job and a family.
  • Experimenting with audiobooks and figuring out how to market them.

Visit Anna Lowe on her website and check out her books (currently in KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon.


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  • Wow, this was an exceptionally helpful episode! As a newer author I found Anne’s suggestions extremely insightful and very down to earth. Thanks so much!

  • So glad it helped!
    Thanks so much to the SFF gang for all they do to help so many authors share and learn.

  • Oh man, how did I not know about this show? Dang! And to think I was almost caught up on podcasts and was about to start the two Lindsay Buroker’s omibus audiobooks. Those will have to wait as I finish my catch up on Sell More Books Show, and then this one. I’m caught up on Writing Excuses and Rocking Self Publishing. The Creative Penn I’m still working on sorting all the audio files that are labeled horribly by Joanna so I can see them in order =P, though I’ve listen to at least a hundred of them.

    I’ll be playing catch up, hope to be current soon!

  • I really appreciated hearing Anna share her experiences and insights as a newer indie. Lots of great tips and advice. Her comment that no one author knows it all rings true, and, like the regular crew, she clearly experiments to see what will work. What an awesome way to end the year. Happy 2017!

  • This was great, thanks for all the great advice! Plus, western paranormal romance sound *amazing*. I’m off to find your books, Anna. 🙂

  • Thank you Anna and the SFFpodcast authors! This episode was very helpful. Not only for new authors but for those of us who’ve been around a bit. I’ve jumped subgenres for a number of reasons, but have decided to go back to my first love–PNR. This segment gave me several wonderful tips to keep in mind as I rebrand.