SFFMP 58: Marketing Stand Alone Novels and Different Types of Series

Today, we answered some reader questions/comments about bank accounts for your self-publishing business and making your author site mobile friendly, and then we jumped into discussing marketing strategies for stand alone novels, as well as several different types of series.

The main types of series we discussed are:

  • Series with continuing characters where each novel is a complete story
  • Series where there is an overarching storyline with multiple plot threads that only get wrapped up in the final book
  • Series with major romance elements that have different characters and happily ever afters in each novel.

Naturally, we spoke of everything in a science fiction and fantasy context. Even though some of these series types are more popular in other genres, there are definitely plenty of examples in SF & F. We talked about the pros and cons when it comes to marketing each.

Here are the links that listener Will Norman gave us for checking to see if your website is mobile-friendly (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/) and also for getting pop-up newsletter forms to add to your website: https://sumome.com/

Don’t forget to check out Jo’s first book… in German!


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  • Really enjoyed this one on different types of series. I’ve just moved into mystery writing (of the ‘cosy’ style) and have recently launched my first book in that series. So any info like this is welcome.

    I was thinking that Jeff might get some traction selling his corgi mysteries with the royal family over here in England – not sure if you know, but the Queen has just a few (or she did last time I looked).

    Thanks again for sharing all your thoughts and tips. I think there must be more than a couple of listeners out there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if not all of them are fantasy/sci-fi writers.

    • SFFpodcast

      Thanks for listening and for stopping by, Alannah! Hah, I’ll point Jeff to this comment in case he doesn’t know about the Queen’s corgi collection. 😀

  • You mentioned during the show that if any Fantasy/Romance authors are listening we should let you know. I’m listening! 🙂 I’m a new listener and I’m enjoying the show.

    • SFFpodcast

      Glad to hear it, Belinda! We have a successful PNR author coming on in a couple of weeks, so maybe she’ll give some better insight into the state of SF/F romance. 🙂