SFFMP 103: From Spy Thrillers to Bestselling Military Science Fiction with Richard Fox

Military science fiction author (and former spy thriller author) Richard Fox joined us on the show today. We talked about his early books and his thriller series, which never impressed him hugely with sales, and then how he moved onto a different genre last year. In June, 2015, he published his first Ember War military sci-fi title and has since gone on to publish a total of 8 novels in the series. They’ve sold great, and he has over 400 reviews of his first book.

Here’s some of what we covered:

  • Transitioning from historical fiction to spy thrillers to space adventure novels (and whether those audiences will cross over at all).
  • What made Richard decide to genre hop over to science fiction.
  • How he learned from some of his mistakes on his first series to have a solid launch with the Ember War books.
  • How he’s used his military experience in his novels.
  • Finishing one series and starting a spinoff as another entry point for potential readers.
  • Using Facebook ads on a slow trickle to keep sales up of a Book 1 that’s been out for a while.
  • How Richard’s Kindle Unlimited borrow money compares to his book sales and why he hasn’t gone wide.
  • What Richard’s first launch looked like, and what he’s doing with new books today to get his readers to buy right away.

You can visit Richard on his site or say hello to him on Facebook. Try the first book in his Ember War series on Amazon.


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  • Awesome episode, as always! Loved hearing how Richard Fox found his publishing groove by going with what he loved (which fit in the Venn diagram overlap of what he loved and what readers loved). Had a chuckle when Joe channeled the absent Jeff by asking two classic Jeff questions. Lindsay did the same for me by asking Richard about his advice for newbie authors 🙂

    Thanks again for all the time and effort you guys put into this show!